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Our Artists

Are Massively Impresssive!

Our Artists Are Massively Impresssive!

Encore Artists have been amassed by Felix Farrar and include solo artists noted for their work with renown conductors and arrangers throughout the world; and in many instances are noted conductors and arrangers themselves reflecting the classics and popular mixes of fun favorites. Adding a superior sound, Farrar's solo Encore Artists contribute to the called-for sense of drama and provide in-demand standard instrumentation.

Clayton Stephenson 5.jpg

Encore Artist Clayton Stephenson, Piano

Felix Farrar's solo Encore Artists are often found within the world's elite orchestras. Farrar's lineup raises the expectation of outstanding performance by presenting various artists and instruments. Encore Artists are proud to make music, and audiences have reciprocated with appreciation.

Kevin LyonsEdit.jpg

Encore Artist Kevin Lyons, Trumpet


Atlanta Symphoria


Conductor, Composer

Leslie Dunner, DMA



Kevin Scott



Clayton Stephenson

French Horn

Joshua Williams


Kevin Lyons 

Joshua Williams_Horn_20180624-IMG_9295.j

Encore Artist Joshua Williams

French Horn

Leslie Dunner_Conductor_4.png

Encore Artist Leslie Dunner, DMA

Conductor, Composer

We invite you to book

An Encore Artist

We invite you to book An Encore Artist

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