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Our Artists Are Massively Impresssive!

Atlanta Symphoria

Atlanta Symphoria Members & Morehouse College Glee Club, Conductor Dr. David Morrow - 2019 Founders Day, Ray Charles Center For The Performing Arts, Morehouse, Atlanta Georgia USA

Our Artists

Are Massively Impresssive!

Atlanta Georgia's Preeminent

21st Century World Class Orchestra!

Encore Artists are often found within the world's elite orchestras. Our lineup raises the expectation of outstanding performance by presenting various artists and instruments. Our artists are proud to make music, and audiences have reciprocated with appreciation. Our artist line up includes Atlanta Symphoria. Click the menu to see our complete roster.

Encore Artists have worked with noted conductors and arrangers and in many instances are noted conductors and arrangers reflecting the classics and popular mixes of fun favorites. Adding a superior sound, Encore Artists contribute to the called-for sense of drama and provide in-demand standard instrumentation.

Hand selected by symphony violinist and concertmaster Felix Farrar, Encore Artists' Atlanta Symphoria and the Solo Artists roster originate from across the US and create breathtaking, dedicated musical contributions. The Atlanta Symphoria orchestra consists of rotating members who are experienced adaptable experts.

Atlanta Symphoria

Clayton Stephenson
Clayton Stephenson Tux.jpg
Leslie Dunner
leslie dunner 2.jpg
Kevin Lyons
Kevin Lyons.jpg
Joshua Williams
Joshua Williams_Horn_20180624-IMG_9269.j
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